March 31, 2008

NCAA Tourney & MLB Opening Day


The season has started with Major League Baseball and the NCAA tourney is winding down after two weeks of quality play by the best teams in the US.

1st thing is with the NCAA tourney. It is the first time that we have 4 of the #1 seeds in the Final 4 and after Kansas almost suffered a bitter defeat to Davidson we have what everybody wanted. I have been disappointed that we have not had any surprises or Cinderellas like we usually do. Davidson is not considered a Cinderella to me mostly because they have played big schools throughout the season and played well against them. I was rooting for Louisville against UNC but they fell short to the Tarheels in North Carolina. Some problems I have to point out...first thing is that UNC plays in North Carolina throughout the tourney until they get to the Final 4 and then the head coach Roy Williams has the audacity to say that the game in North Carolina is not a home game. I am not a major in Geography, but I'm smart enough to know that he is closer to North Carolina then say Louisville. I loved Rick Pittino's response to Wiliam's dumb comment. Rick said that if Williams thinks it is not a home game that they should play the game at Louisville's home gymnasium and see if that's a home game. I agree with that and understand that UNC is the #1 overall team in the tourney but this is ridiculous. It's not like they need anymore help than they are getting by playing driving distance from their campus.

Another problem has to be with Texas playing in Houston, TX when playing the Memphis Tigers which was a #1 seed. Memphis had to play a road game against a lower seed which baffles me really. Texas got destroyed by Kevin Rose and the Tigers and Memphis is ready to take the title but it still does not make sense to have a higher seed play a road game against a lower seed. Duke got embarrassed by West Virginia and Bob Huggins and everybody knew it would happen when their 3-point shots finally started to miss the mark. Georgetown had a disappointing tournament this season with all those talented seniors and after the game I thought John Thompson III was going to cry. I wouldn't worry about it that much if I was JTIII because he has a slew of talent coming off of the High School train.

The last 4 in the tournament is:
  • Memphis Tigers
  • UCLA Bruins
  • Kansas Jayhawks
  • North Carolina Tarheels
I see UNC and Memphis in the Finals and UNC taking the title with their talented point guard Ty Lawson. Memphis will beat UCLA because they have more offense than the Bruins and UNC will beat Kansas because they have more veterans.

MLB has officially started finally after way too many preseason games. I won't talk about this anymore than I have to because I think there are too many damn games during the season (120+) and don't really watch baseball until we get to the playoffs. I think the Boston Red Sox will do the same thing they did last season because of their offense and bullpen (which is better than last season). I think the LA Dodgers will be really good this season with their new manager Joe Torre from the Yankees. Torre got a raw deal in New York and am glad he could get out of that chaotic situation as well as he did. I have to pick the Sox to win it all once again with the amount of young good talent they have. Joe Garardi of the Yankees won't last too long with NY mostly because he has problems with authority like when he was with the Marlins in Florida.