December 11, 2007

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Michael Vick Gets 23 Months in Prison

Michael Vick walked in a courtroom this morning in black and white striped uniform as he was sentenced to 23 months of prison time after a long troubled life so far. It was sad to see an individual throw part of his life away mostly of what he had in front of him at the beginning of the NFL season. He was the starting QB for the Atlanta Falcons and it was his team. The owner loved Michael and was almost like a mentor to Michael for his time in Atlanta. Michael did not just let down himself, he let down his whole organization including his teammates and especially the man he called boss.

It was also different to look at his ex teammates as they played a football game tonight against the New Orleans Saints as they lost once again big (34-14). The team is now 3-10 and has already packed it in for the offseason obviously. I don't know how his ex-teammates could support him for what he did. You would almost have to be stupid beyond stupid to believe that he was actually innocent. The Federal Government had so many shreds of evidence and enough dead dogs to put him away for almost life. They had his friends turning against him to testify against him because they knew they had been caught and he had to know at that point that he was going away for some hard time. At that time, he had a meeting with the Commish of the NFL Roger Goodell and was asked specifically if he was even remotely guilty of the charges and he looked at the commish and lied and knew he had done it. Why wouldn't he just cut ties and know he was truly fucked and tell the truth and save himself. But, he lied and then after Roger figured out Mick was lying suspended Mick indefinitely and now Michael will not even come close to the NFL until he is at least 30. And don't get me started with his younger brother in how much of a screw up he is.

Michael went to Virginia Tech (Hokies) and was a wonderful talent. He was one of his kind at the time…he could run faster than anybody else on the field and could throw the ball completely down the field. Everybody knew this guy would be good in the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons picked him up in the draft. The Falcons before they got Michael were a horrible team and had been for a while, but when Michael stepped out of the plane the city of Atlanta and state of Georgia were excited like crazy almost like how Cleveland was when LeBron James went to the Cavs. The team got a whole new coaching staff and put a young head coach to help Mick through his time in Atlanta and things were looking good in Georgia. Unfortunately, the team never got with it and stalled to ok finishes under Vick and then he started to get injured and had season ending injuries and then it got to the incident where after a football game in Atlanta as Vick walked off the field he used the power of sign language and flipped off his own fans. Things went downhill from there. Then, Michael was caught with a dog-fighting gambling ring and he fell flat on his face very fast. People should be happy that the justice system won today and that Michael is going to pay for what he did. What he did was sick and twisted and he should have paid for 5 years in prison, but since he is an athlete he only paid 23 months. He has been a disastrous player and his stats back that up and whoever wants to pick him up after he gets out of prison? You would have to be desperate as a team or want a bus full of cameras and questions about him to see if he still has it.

Michael had it and was given so many chances to be successful and he threw all of them away and will pay dearly for what he did. Whoever thinks that he is innocent you should read the Feds report and you will see exactly what he did to dogs and how he physically killed them by hanging them and if the dog didn't die he would stick the dog's head in a bucket full of water and drown the dog and he did it with many dogs when the dogs got the shit beat out of them. Life does not need people like Michael and the NFL if they are smart should stay away from Michael because of what kind of person he is. I am done here and I have said enough.

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Ryan Peters

December 10, 2007

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